Archaeological Collection

A large number of exhibits in the archaeological collection date back to the Early Stone Age – the Neolithic, the Copper Age and the Bronze Age. Tools, jewellery, ceramics and other objects of everyday usage have been found in the numerous and rich archaeological localities in the Polimlje Region. Unique tools made of deer antlers as well as an unusual necklace made of pierced wolf’s fangs have been found here, too. Objects found in graves from the Illyrian period are a particularly valuable part of the archaeological collection. An ornament of amber from the sixth century B.C. discovered in a ducal grave in Lisijevo polje is unrivalled in terms of its beauty and value. A horseman is represented with a dog in relief on a small plate, whereas a head made of amber of miniature dimensions with large slanted eyes is the most valuable artistically. Materials found in a grave in Lisijevo polje clearly show that an independent tribe, which at the end of the 6th century B.C. developed a culture with unique characteristics, lived in the Polimlje Region.

Perhaps the most interesting object from the medieval period is a unique shirt of armour with a hood from the 14th century, which was an integral part of soldiers from the period of the Crusades. Finds discovered in fortifications and the architectural remains of a large number of churches and monasteries from this area the medieval archaeological collection.